Is your hairbrush damaging your hair?

Granted - the headline is catchy, but rightly so... 

Before we started working on our passion project called Saint-Dominique, our founder was a Beauty Editor very much obsessed with matters of the hair, and she knew she had to shine a light on the most common, but least spoken about, hair damaging tool: your hairbrush. 

You see, there's a lot of types of brushes out there, nylon, wood, mixed-bristles, boar bristles and plastic. Typically a plastic brush is only good for when brushing wet hair - and for those that don't know, that is not the optimal time to brush your hair anyways, as when wet your strands are most vulnerable and prone to damage.

Most of us adopted the new wave of plastic hairbrushes as our everyday brush, the issue however, is that plastic is not a natural fibre and although it helps detangle your hair gently, the bristles are not distributing your hair's natural oils through the length of your strands. Meaning that you're letting oil and sebum build up on your scalp, which leads to a greasy-roots-but-dry-ends look. 

What to do instead? Well, ditch your plastic hairbrush as your everyday go-to, instead use it only on wet hair. Invest on a brush with natural fibres, such as boar bristles - they'll help will reduce the oil build-up on your scalp, and you'll be able to wash your hair less, they're also a super gentle fibre that helps prevent hair breakage and can be used on most hair types. 

What to do next? Learn more about our brosse 083. Saint Dominique's first luxury brush was designed as an ode to vintage hairstyling tools. The brush has six rings of ethically-sourced boar bristles and nylon tufts set on soft black pneumatic cushion. This brush will revive your strands, helping to maintain them healthy and banishing dry ends.