Should you brush your hair in the shower?

Brushing our hair is often something we do without giving it much thought... here at Saint-Dominique we want you to embrace it as part of your self-care routine, and for you to learn how, and when, to brush your strands properly. 

Today we're going to talk about "the when". It's common for a lot of women to brush their hair in the shower or just as they step off it, while their hair is still wet or damp - however, this a risky practice. So if that's you, it's time to rethink your strategy. 

What we fail to understand - or choose to ignore - is that hair is at its most vulnerable and prone to damage when wet, and brushing it abruptly will cause (avoidable) hair breakage. A good alternative to using a hairbrush is to use a comb which allows for more gentle detangling. 

Brushing your hair should be something you do alongside your skincare routine - every morning & every evening. Brushing it twice a day, will help to distribute your scalp’s natural oils through your hair and prevent oil build-up on the crown, always remembering to brushing your hair gently - vigorous brushing always leads to breakage!

The bottom line is, in the pursuit of healthy hair is important to use a different approach to brushing wet hair versus dry hair. And if your hair has been looking brittle, overly dry, or damaged, your hairbrush and haircare routine are likely part of the problem.

Investing in a good hairbrush pays off... visit our brosse 083 page to learn more about the benefits of our natural bristle hairbrushes.