Our Story: Meet Saint-Dominique

Launched in 2021, Saint-Dominique takes its name from the beautiful Rue Saint-Domique in Paris - more specifically the building number 83, where this idea started. 

Founded by a hair-obsessed Beauty Editor, our brand is dedicated to shinning a light on the most common - but least spoken about - hair damaging tool: your hairbrush. And why, for some reason in the 21st century, we shifted towards plastic hairbrushes that don't help distribute the natural oils of your hair.

'Brosse 083' our first hairbrush launching this Summer, is an ode to vintage hair styling tools, with a luxurious design, crafted in black beechwood, with nylon tufts and boar bristles set on a soft pneumatic cushion. We hope that you get a chance to try it and share this passion project with us.

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